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Golden Blog

Ask anyone 'what makes Golden, so Golden' and the answer will always include 'the people'.

Golden is an historic mountain town lived in and loved by real people who are proud of their heritage and are always ready with a warm welcome and happy to share their stories. Here, some Golden locals share their experiences, whether it be skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, biking,  snow or trail conditions, great dining, concerts or just enjoying our great mountain town.

Get To know The Golden Visitor Centre

Whether you’re a seasoned local or first-time traveller, you won’t want to miss these tips and tricks from our great staff at t

Visitor Services's picture
by Visitor Services

A Photographers Love Letter To Golden

Dear Golden British-Columbia,

You have taken care of me for 27 years since the day I was born here.

Jena Laroy's picture
by Jena Laroy

Stand Up Paddle Boarding In Golden BC

Water droplets drip off the paddle and tickle my feet, the sun kisses my face and I inhale deeply.

Abby Cooper's picture
by Abby Cooper

Stillwater Fly Fishing Around Golden

The town of Golden sits nestled between the Rocky and Columbia Mountain ranges in the Kootenay region of southeast BC.

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by Brian Chan


It’s called a Mecca for a reason. Standing outside of Purcell Coffee in Golden BC I peer upwards above my steaming thermos.

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by Abby Cooper

How To Pack For A Backcountry Lodge

I slowly opened the door to Mistaya Lodge and instantly the warm air kisses my cold cheeks and the aroma of baking cookies tick

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by Abby Cooper

The Purcellkirks - Spring Adventures

The heli and split boarding industry is an incredible place to work.

Dave Crerar's picture
by Dave Crerar

Sledding Tips For the Ladies

Hey Everyone!

Kayli Dentman's picture
by Kayli Dentman

Top 3 30+ km Runs Near Golden

If you’re looking to get your fill of trail kilometers, Golden is a great place to set up your base camp.

Magi Scallion's picture
by Magi Scallion
Photo: Abby Cooper

Hiking The Iceline Trail

Words and photos by Abby Cooper
Abby Cooper's picture
by Abby Cooper
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