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Mountain Biking & Road Cycling in Golden, BC

If you’re looking for an authentic mountain biking adventure in BC, Golden is your community! Wholeheartedly welcoming the mountain biking culture, ample downhill, cross-country, road cycling and mountain biking trails exist. With some of the best biking terrain in North America, it’s begging you to come visit and ride!

Totally Spoked Golden Bike Fest

With 185 km of cross country trails, challenging downhill at Mount 7 and lift assisted downhill park at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, Golden is fast becoming one of the key places in the Canadian Rockies for mountain biking events.

The Totally Spoked Golden Bike Fest includes a full schedule of bike races, events, and activities happening in Golden BC this summer, starting June 16, 2018. For a full schedule and more information, including Strava updates, video and images from our Totally Spoked local athlete, click the Totally Spoked Golden logo.

Downhill Mountain Biking in Golden

Golden is blessed with Mount 7, one of the finest and most challenging downhill systems in Canada. For more downhill riding, head over to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. After a cushy gondola ride up, get ready for an epic 10 km long downhill mountain bike ride.

Cross-Country Mountain Biking in Golden

 If you prefer great cross-country single track biking, there are over 100km of trails on the Mountain Shadows and Moonraker Bike trail systems.

For more information about biking in Golden, visit the Golden Cycling Club.


REMOVE plants, animals & mud from boots, bikes, gear, pets & vehicle.

CLEAN your gear before entering & leaving the recreation site.

STAY on designated trails.

For more information visit: 

Toll free number 1-855-PUL-WEED (1-855-785-9333)