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Experience Kicking Horse Culture. It’s part of what makes Golden golden

Posted by Stephanie Knaak on
LIve Kicks

As Bill Usher, executive and artistic director extraordinaire of the equally extraordinary Kicking Horse Culture likes to say about the performances KHC brings to town – they’re the best artists you’ve never heard of. Not that we don’t get our share of Canadian headliners as well – we do. But for most of the events Kicking Horse Culture brings to Golden you can expect Mr. Usher’s sentiment to be bang on. The shows are always awesome. They’re always impressive and appeal to all age groups. And every time a new group comes, you can pretty much bet I’ve never heard of them before.

I have no doubt that types artsier than me are much more in the know about the who’s who of the various talent that performs here. I’m just not that cultured. But the great thing about taking in a Kicking Horse Culture event is that never matters. Golden’s dynamic and impressive arts and culture scene is thoroughly down to earth, and thoroughly inclusive.

The performances are just so good -- and varied. There’s dance with the upcoming 605 collective on April 14, there is comedy, all types of music, there’s plays such as the April 23 performance by The DuffleBag Theatre, and there’s eclectic stuff too like the annual Snow King Masque Parade. In true Golden style, the shows are always warm and inviting, casual and relaxed (think the complete antithesis of the hoity toity artsy stereotype), and most of all, highly entertaining.

You can bring your kids. You can take your drink to your seat (yes, adult beverages too!). Nothing more than mountain casual attire is expected and you can arrive 15 minutes before show time (gotta love mountain chill). Another bonus -- tickets are cheap, which should in no way be interpreted as a reflection on the value of the talent. Ticket prices stay low only because of KHC’s funding model and their commitment to making high quality arts and culture available and accessible to all Goldenites – and interested visitors.

If you are planning a visit to Golden and area, definitely check out the Film Kicks and the Live Kicks line-ups, plus keep your eyes and ears open for the 2016 Summer Kicks shows, the 2015 line up is a good sample of what to expect. Summer Kicks brings free outdoor concerts to Golden in the middle of the week all summer long, to see if your timing works to catch a show check our Local Events Calendar regularly for updates, because one thing is for sure about Golden – the arts and culture scene, while perhaps unsuspecting, blows away any other mountain town or smaller community you can think of.

Getting a taste of a Kicking Horse Culture show is like getting a taste of Golden itself. It’s part of our identity, part of our vibe. It’s part of what makes us Golden.


To see the entertainment lineup and to learn more about Kicking Horse Culture, visit their webpage, where you can also subscribe to their newsletter to get updates about new shows coming to town.


The Art Gallery of Golden is where you go to buy advance tickets for events. Tickets are also available at the door if a show isn’t sold-out. Most events take place at the Golden Civic Centre. Parking is always plentily available and free. Seating is by general admission.

Stephanie Knaak

After four years as winter weekenders from Calgary, Stephanie and her family moved to Golden full-time in the summer of 2013. They fell in love with the ski hill, the town and the amazing mountain surroundings.  Read more about Stephanie's story at