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Ask anyone 'what makes Golden, so Golden' and the answer will always include 'the people'.

Golden is an historic mountain town lived in and loved by real people who are proud of their heritage and are always ready with a warm welcome and happy to share their stories. Here, some Golden locals share their experiences, whether it be skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, biking,  snow or trail conditions, great dining, concerts or just enjoying our great mountain town.

5 things you need to know about Cross Country Skiing in Golden BC

It’s Big – most people don’t even realize there is truly great cross-country skiing in Golden, BC.  Or maybe t

Magi Scallion's picture
by Magi Scallion

Teton Gravity Research athlete Dana Flahr finds the goods in Golden

It's been a strange winter for chasing snow.

Dana Flahr's picture
by Dana Flahr

Three things to do in Golden off the slopes

Skiing is great, but here’s a few other ways to have fun in spring.

Stephanie Knaak's picture
by Stephanie Knaak

Kicking up my arts and cultural side a notch in Golden

From ballets to plays and big name musical acts, this town has it all.

Before moving to Golden I probably averaged one artsy-type event a year, two if you count my daughter’s dance recitals. Mamma Mia, the Nutcracker, A Christmas Carole — that was about as adventurous as I got.

Stephanie Knaak's picture
by Stephanie Knaak

Keep your cool - sled trails and tips

Due to heavy foliage too thick to navigate through, reading about the adventures of Colin and Pat exploring a new zone will hav

Colin Wallace's picture
by Colin Wallace

A local’s look at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

Kicking Horse is known for many things – its title as ‘the Champagne Powder Capital of Canada’, its abundance of varied terrain, its-easy-to-get-to location, its laid back charm. Even though this winter hasn’t brought the volume of snow we’re normally used to, the conditions here are still better than most everywhere else -- in the West at least.

Stephanie Knaak's picture
by Stephanie Knaak

Cross-country or downhill? Why not both in one day

Feel free to wear your toque to dinner and rest assured that hiking boots will always be considered fashionable footwear in Gol

Stephanie Knaak's picture
by Stephanie Knaak

Behind the scenes of the Golden snowmobile trails

When we go to the theatre to see a movie or watch a hockey game at the arena, it is easy to forget all the behind the scenes wo

Colin Wallace's picture
by Colin Wallace

Diggin' the dining in Golden

For a small town, there sure are a lot of options

Stephanie Knaak's picture
by Stephanie Knaak

Cynic 0 - fat biking 1; a win for fat biking in Golden

Winter is usually a time to switch gears and participate in winter sports and put the mountain bikes away for a rest, but this

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by Andy Bostock
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