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Ask anyone 'what makes Golden, so Golden' and the answer will always include 'the people'.

Golden is an historic mountain town lived in and loved by real people who are proud of their heritage and are always ready with a warm welcome and happy to share their stories. Here, some Golden locals share their experiences, whether it be skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, biking,  snow or trail conditions, great dining, concerts or just enjoying our great mountain town.

Photo: Abby Cooper - Mummery Glacier - Golden BC

Golden Hikes: Mummery Glacier

A fresh coat of forest service road dirt thickens on the dash of my truck as I bounce through the Blaeberry.

Abby Cooper's picture
by Abby Cooper
Photo: Magi Scallion | Hiking | Golden BC

5 Things You NEED to Know about The Gondola to Gorman Hike.

Somehow I get into a lot of fun situations with the “great ideas” my friends toss my way.  The latest grand plan was to run fro

Magi Scallion's picture
by Magi Scallion
Photo: Magi Scallion | Columbia Wetlands | Golden BC

SUP'ing the Columbia Wetlands

S’up, Columbia Wetlands.

Magi Scallion's picture
by Magi Scallion
Photo: Brian Coles - Mountain Biking - Golden BC

How To Maximize A Weekend Bike Trip To Golden

A weekend is fast approaching and all you know is that

Brian Coles's picture
by Brian Coles
Alpine Rafting - Golden BC

The Unexpected Joys Of Taking Your Kids On A River Rafting Trip

Our two daughters sure keep us on our toes when it comes to family adventures.

Alpine Rafting's picture
by Alpine Rafting
Photo: Brian Coles - Thompson Falls - Blaeberry Valley

Exploring Thompson Falls

When someone tells you about a sweet waterfall in the Rocky Mountains, what comes to mind first?

Brian Coles's picture
by Brian Coles
Trail Running - Golden BC - Photo: Dave Best

The 5 Best Reasons To Trail Run In The Moonrakers

Some might say the Moonraker Trails

Magi Scallion's picture
by Magi Scallion
Glacier Rafting Company - Golden BC

Making a Whitewater Rafting Trip Run Smooth

It’s 9:45 a.m in the

Glacier Raft Company's picture
by Glacier Raft Company
photo Stephanie Knaak

Summer Fun For Families

Golden is a known and treasured as an outdoor playland for both families and hardcore thrill-seekers.

Stephanie Knaak's picture
by Stephanie Knaak
Photo: Colin Wallace

The Lowdown On Golden's Best Spring Sledding Zone

Generally, the further west down the Columbia valley one travels, the more snow you will find; the further east down the valley

Colin Wallace's picture
by Colin Wallace
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