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A Rainy Day in Golden

A Rainy Day in Golden

Posted by Frances Morphy on

You’re here, in Golden, smack dab in the middle of the Rocky and Purcell mountain ranges, and you’re ready to kick it for a while. But the rain rolls in and, as the Columbia Valley fills with mist, you’re left wondering what there is to do in this suddenly soggy town. A rainy day in the mountains is no less romantic than a sunny one, it just requires a shift in gears. Here are a few ideas on how to brighten up those grey hours:


Golden Museum

The museum is a quaint, low-key building located right in town. You can walk through residential areas to get there from Spirit Square. Here you can learn about Golden through the ages; its chapters as an Indigenous meeting and migratory ground; a railroad camp; and home to the Swiss Guides and Edelweiss Village which is widely recognized as the beginning of Canadian Mountaineering. As well as the Sikh history that exists here, Golden is considered home to the first Sikh Temple in North America. The Museum opens at 9 am, Monday-Friday.


Golden Mountain Festival: Swiss Lineage

Credit Claire Dibble

Cafe Culture:

Golden has a delightful cafe scene that makes rainy days feel cozy and warm. They're authentic and unique and you’re destined to receive that friendly local service characteristic to mom & pop establishments. Here’s the rundown on just a few of them, but you can learn more about local restaurants, pubs & cafes throughout our Places to Eat page.

Jita’s Cafe: Bright and airy, Jita’s has comfort food, windows, and beautiful jade plants.

Ethos: A lively and inventive food scene with local ingredients and modern space. A good spot for a game of chess.

Wandering Fern: The living plant wall will make you feel tropical. Try a drink with one of their neat syrups. The coffee is sourced from Columbia and is part of a female-producers program, a co-op that supports women and their family farms in Columbia.

Bluebird: Fresh baked goods, Bluebird is a perfect location on your way in and out of town. Try a grab-and-go lunch bag!

Papa Bear’s Kitchen: Hearty, warm soups and sandwiches, you'll find plenty of seating and warm lighting.

Bacchus Books & Cafe: Browse the shelves of this bookstore/cafe while you wait on a fresh coffee or home-baked meal.

Golden Bakery & Deli: Yummy treats on the go, or for a dine-in experience.


Bacchus Books & Cafe

Credit Abby Cooper


Are you really in the mountains if you don’t give climbing a go at least once? There are two gyms in Golden, Dirtbag & Confluence. Maybe this rainy day is the one to get some chalk on your fingers. Dirtbag has roped and boulder climbing and Confluence has 1200 square feet of climbing surface. Both are great places to immerse yourself in Golden’s climbing community, a very friendly and down-to-earth scene!


Movies, Events & Art

You can take in a movie at Golden’s local Cinema, which airs films nearly every night. Or, tune into the local arts organization, Kicking Horse Culture, to see what they have planned. In the summertime, their program, Summer Kicks, features a performance every Wednesday night. On rainy days this is moved from Keith King Park to the Civic Centre. Find the schedule here.

The Art Gallery of Golden might be one of your stops once you’ve grabbed a bite to eat and a hot drink from one of the cafes. The art gallery often hosts different exhibits and sells the handmade work of over 100 artists from the Golden region and the Columbia River Basin. 


A performance at the Civic Centre

Credit Dave Best

All in all, a rainy day in Golden is a day well spent. Luckily, the weather in Golden has a habit of clearing off in the evenings, so chances are you won't miss those iconic golden-hour sunsets.

Frances Morphy's picture

Frances Morphy

Frances is the social media and asset development coordinator with Tourism Golden. A creative and nature enthusiast; words, video and the trees inspire her.

Frances Morphy's picture

Frances Morphy

Frances is the social media and asset development coordinator with Tourism Golden. A creative and nature enthusiast; words, video and the trees inspire her.