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Responsible Travel: Respect Everything Local

When we leave our community, we become guests of another. Being a good guest requires being respectful of the people who call this place home, and to the fellow travellers, we share the roads, trails, and waterways with. Each community will make your trip unique, with the ripple effect reaching further than you may think. When travelling, respect the environment and adhere to community health and safety guidelines while being mindful that things may be a bit different in other places than where you’re from. Coming prepared to minimize as many risks as possible in your journey ensures not only your experience but is respectful to your hosts. It’s important to understand that many rural communities have limited infrastructure to handle unnecessary strains, such as emergency responses for those that visit unprepared.  

Coming prepared with supplies for your trip is an excellent way to ensure your trip will be a success but that doesn’t mean you should buy everything before you visit Golden, British Columbia. As you drive through town, support local shops you’ll find throughout Golden. Check out the Golden farmers market in Spirit Square every Wednesday throughout the summer. Respect and honour Indigenous Peoples as stewards of the land and waters you are travelling through. Our community is home to the Ktunaxa Nation, Shuswap Nation, and the Metis Nation who have historically harvested, hunted, fished, and settled in the area.