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Responsible Travel: Camping

Camping is a privilege we have in Canada and it is up to us, as recreationalists, to behave responsibly and look after our natural spaces

The Golden Visitors Centre is open 7 days a week from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm MST (250) 439-7290

Responsible Recreation

  • Book appropriate permits and reserve campsites. Pay your camping fees and respect quiet hours and other rules.
  • Nice people make nature nicer, keep nature serene!
  • Dogs can’t always be off-leash and for good reason. Clean up after your pets.
  • Trash at campsites ruin the parks for everyone. It can also become a danger to wildlife. Pack out your garbage.
  • Wildlife is meant to be wild- do not feed animals.
  • Never leave a campfire unattended. Ensure the fire is extinguished before leaving the area.
  • Prevent the spread of disease and invasive species by ensuring vehicles, boats, bikes, and boots are cleaned before and after visiting an area.
  • Handle your “business” properly in the wild. Dig a hole 100m away from trails and water sources and bury your waste.
  • Use biodegradable soap & sunscreen to reduce pollution in our sensitive waterways.

The Three T's

Trip Planning

  • Plan your travel route.
  • Know the terrain and conditions.
  • Check the weather.


Obtain the knowledge and skills you need before heading out in the backcountry. Once you are out in the wilderness, it will be up to you and your team to keep each other safe. Know and stay within your limits. Use the Adventure Smart resource for help with trip planning.

Taking the 10 Essentials

Being responsible and keeping yourself safe will start with what you pack. Whether you’re going out for a few hours or several days, always be prepared for any situation by packing these basic survival essentials.

10 Essentials

Fire making kit
Signalling device (i.e. whistle)
Extra food and water
Extra clothing
Navigational device
Communication device
First aid kit
Pocket knife
Sun protection