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Tourism Golden Advocacy & Policy

Tourism Golden is destination marketing organisation, and the lead organisation for tourism in Golden and CSRD Area A. As such, it is our responsibility to review and evaluate issues brought to us by our industry stakeholders, to determine policy and involvement in matters that disrupt, or negatively impact the tourism industry within our DMO boundary.

Where the Board of Directors support involvement, we engage as necessary with local, regional, and provincial tourism industry stakeholders, and strive to unite stakeholders to advocate for change.

Current issues and policies which are actively supported by the Board of Directors are:
2018 Changes to MRDT legislation
Short Term Rentals
Labour Shortages

Changes to MRDT legislation:

2018-10 Bulletin PST 120 confirms changes to MRDT legislation which:

  • requires all short term rentals earning more than $2500 annually to collect and remit PST and MRDT unless an online platform does so on their behalf
  • allows eligible online platforms (currently only Airbnb) to collect and remit PST and MRDT on behalf of STRs
  • allows the use of revenue remitted by online platforms for affordable housing projects
  • requires a majority of eligible accommodators to vote in support of  the use of core MRDT funding for affordable housing projects 

2018 - Feb - Letter to Minister Carole James from TIABC

2018 - Feb - Letter to Minister Carole James from Tourism Golden
Other Resources:
2018-Feb BC Provincial Budget Tax Changes
2018-Mar  MRDT Backgrounder

Short Term Rentals

2017 - Aug - Letter to Minister of Finance request to rescind provincial sales tax clause 78(1)(b)
2017 - Aug - Letter to CSRD Area A Director to request lobbying of government to rescind provincial sales tax clause 78 (1)(b)
2017 - Aug - Letter to ToG to request lobbying of government to rescind provincial sales tax clause 78(1)(b)
2016 - June - Paper submitted to Town of Golden council on the Impact of the Sharing Economy

Other Resources:
2017 - Nov - Town of Golden Staff Report
2016 - July - Town of Golden Short Term Rental Discussion Paper 

Labour Shortages:

Labour shortages are increasingly impacting businesses throughout B.C., particularly in small rural tourism-based communities such as Golden whose local populations are unable to meet the labour demands of a high summer season. Revenues in Golden are not reaching full potential as rooms, tables and hours of business are unable to be serviced because of a lack of staff. Business owners and managers experience burn-out as they try to step into the breach to cover unfilled jobs. 
Tourism Golden is actively lobbying the federal and provincial governments to review immigration and labour policies to effectively alleviate the issue, and we would like to hear your own stories that we can take forward as we try to effect change. Please email your comments and feedback to [email protected]

2018-08 - Letter from Temporary Foreign Workers Directorate - Skill & Employment Branch

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