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Riley Suhan: Golden BC Ambassador

Posted by Riley Suhan on

Hey guys! My name is Riley Suhan, I am born and bred in Golden BC with a passion for sledding and have been at it since I was 3 years old. I have enjoyed the beautiful valley of Golden for 24 years and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. It’s the perfect place to pursue my passion for mountain sledding. 

Sledding was a big part of growing up in Golden, riding started in the front yard (in town) and at my buddies house in Nicholson, then we moved on to explore the Mount 7 logging roads. This regular routine allowed us to get to know that mountain and all its roads extremely well. We then began to learn about the better-known riding zones we have in the mountains around Golden with my family and close friends. The Golden Snowmobile club allowed us to explore the mountains even more during their yearly poker runs and cabin building events in Quartz Creek This was a huge factor in why I am so passionate for this sport, its not just something that I love to do, it’s a lifestyle I enjoy to live with my family and sledding community!

Golden has some sweet zones surrounding it and I have spent 90% of my time exploring them to find the next cool feature I can hit. I think my sledding style is a direct spin-off of this because each zone we have is so diverse it allows me to have a huge variety of terrain to play in. Some zones are endless bowl after bowl with more climbing and jumping features than you can count, while others have endless creek draw jibs and tight tree lines to challenge your every move. Some of my best days have been spent cruising the endless logging roads, breaking trail up untouched snow, side hilling the banks and looking for new places to break into. Each year sleds get more powerful and easier to ride which just keeps adding to the areas we already ride, opening up new options in zones I’ve been riding since I was a kid. It’s just endless around here and allows your creativity on a sled to run wild.  

This season I am very excited to be a part of several product and film projects to see what we can accomplish and document in my hometown. I have also made a drastic but well worth it career change and am guiding for Golden Snowmobile Rentals throughout the winter seasons, showing people what Golden backcountry is all about. I am also super excited to help organize the inaugural Riley Suhan Invitational, a backcountry snowmobile race being held at Quartz Creek on April 7th! The race will consist of 52 racers on random teams of 4 in relay format. Starting from the Quartz Creek Cabin and making a big loop into the alpine, exploring a good size of terrain, and back to the cabin. Each racer will do 1 complete lap and be timed to determine a winner! This event will be great for spectators as the sleds buzz by while enjoying the BBQ. I am very excited to be a part of this new style of snowmobile event and can’t wait to take part with everyone who comes out to enjoy the day.

Golden has formed the rider that I am today and allowed me to build strong relationships in the sledding community including some of the most progressive companies. Make sure to give me a follow on instagram @rsuhan and check out my website  so I can show you more about why I think Golden is the perfect stomping grounds! Or you can hit up Golden Snowmobile Rentals to come out on a sled tour with me to see for yourself!!  so I can show you more about why I think Golden is the perfect stomping grounds! Or you can hit up Golden Snowmobile Rentals to come out on a sled tour with me to see for yourself!!

Huge Thanks to: Riderz Edson, 509, Strikt Gear Company, GGB Exhaust, ECD Customs, M-Line, Cheetah Factory Racing, Fox, Snowpulse, Cobra Pull Cords, Defiant Coffee, Sledbiglines, Sled Golden, Tourism Golden 

Riley Suhan

Riley Suhan is a professional snowmobiler and Golden BC ambassador. in his words "I’ve been riding snowmobiles basically from the time I could drool on myself and people still think it’s cute. I have been fortunate enough to have been born and raised in beautiful, Golden, British Columbia. They say location is everything and I think Golden is just that. What else does a guy need when his backyard is a big ass mountain? Golden has shaped me into the rider I am today. Following in my Dad’s footsteps, and learning from him as I grew up on a sled has really given me some solid confidence as well! Both of my parents have been riding since they were infants as well, I think that speaks for itself. I couldn’t be happier doing what I’m doing."