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Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park has a rich natural and cultural history and is renowned for its mountaineering, deep snow and pristine wilderness. The abandoned trail-grade, stone bridges and trestle supports, snow sheds and other structures can be visited on self-guided trails.  There are hiking trails ranging from 15 minutes easy walks to multi-day hiking for the avid and experienced hiker.

Glacier National Park is a favourite area for some classic North America alpinism.  It offers fine climbs at all standards of difficulty and is a great spot for the intermediate mountaineer.   In 1888, British mountaineers Rev. William Spotswood Green and Rev. Henry Swanzy completed the first recreational technical climbs in the Selkirk Mountains.  In doing so, they established Glacier National Park as the birthplace of mountaineering in North America. 11 years later Canadian Pacific hired Swizz climbing guides Edward Fuez Sr. and Christian Hasler to work at Glacier House in Rogers Pass, where they were guiding and at the same time promoting mountaineering in the Selkirks. More information on climbing in Glacier National Park.

Glacier National Park Fast Facts

  • Canada’s second oldest national park
  • Located on the Montane Cordillera Ecozone
  • National Historic site – Rogers Pass is located in Glacier National Park
  • One of Canada’s largest cave systems
  • The highest point in the park is Mount Dawson

For more information visit Glacier National Park.

TripAdvisor® Traveler Reviews
4.5 based on 130 reviews
“Take Your Time Here”
Take Your Time Here
June 21, 2019, by patricem628
Roger’s Pass Visitors Center is quite interesting. Although the bear video is outdated, it is still relevant. The views are beautiful. Take time to drive down the road to Bear Creek Falls, hike all...
“Yep a Grizzly crossed our path”
Yep a Grizzly crossed our path
June 15, 2019, by TravelerChicagoarea
We went to the Rogers Pass Center and watched the bear video and talked to the ranger about bear encounters. Then we drove east no more than 2-3km through the snow tunnels when a grizzly climbed...
“Bucket list!!!”
Bucket list!!!
February 20, 2019, by MountainMan-Kim
Fifty years ago, my family explored the northern Rockies in Canada. The family missed eastern British Columbia. My camping style is much more primitive and adventurous these days. See my Colorado...