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Golden Blog

Ask anyone 'what makes Golden, so Golden' and the answer will always include 'the people'.

Golden is an historic mountain town lived in and loved by real people who are proud of their heritage and are always ready with a warm welcome and happy to share their stories. Here, some Golden locals share their experiences, whether it be skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, biking,  snow or trail conditions, great dining, concerts or just enjoying our great mountain town.

Skiing in Golden BC at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

Cross-country or downhill? Why not both in one day

Feel free to wear your toque to dinner and rest assured that hiking boots will always be considered fashionable footwear in Gol

Stephanie Knaak's picture
by Stephanie Knaak
Quartz Creek cabin - snowmobiling Golden BC

Behind the scenes of the Golden snowmobile trails

When we go to the theatre to see a movie or watch a hockey game at the arena, it is easy to forget all the behind the scenes wo

Colin Wallace's picture
by Colin Wallace
Dining at the Island restaurant Golden BC

Diggin' the dining in Golden

For a small town, there sure are a lot of options

Stephanie Knaak's picture
by Stephanie Knaak
Fat biking in Golden BC- Andy Bostock

Cynic 0 - fat biking 1; a win for fat biking in Golden

Winter is usually a time to switch gears and participate in winter sports and put the mountain bikes away for a rest, but this

Andy Bostock's picture
by Andy Bostock
Snowmobiling in Golden BC

Golden's sled techs and gear stores

Being on vacation in Golden is a great way to recharge your batteries and enjoy some time in the mountains.

Colin Wallace's picture
by Colin Wallace
Golden BC is a sled-friendly town

More than just a sled-friendly town

Recently Golden received a pineapple express weather system that brought rain and freezing levels to around the 3000m mark.

Colin Wallace's picture
by Colin Wallace
Golden Sound Festival Winter Block Party

A Golden triangle of music

Put on your dancing boots for the Golden Sound Festival Winter Block Party

Stephanie Knaak's picture
by Stephanie Knaak
Snowmobiling in Golden BC West Bench Trail

Snowmobiling for us outdoorsy lite types

Our first ‘gateway sledding’ tour is only just the beginning

When we first starting coming to Golden, we mainly stuck to downhill skiing. That’s always been our No. 1 winter activity, and Kicking Horse Mountain Resort has been amazing for us in that regard.

But it was only a matter of time, as we came to discover more of what Golden has to offer, that we would also start expanding our repertoire of activities.

Stephanie Knaak's picture
by Stephanie Knaak
Snowmobiling powder day in Golden BC Silent Pass

Snowmobiling Upper Holt

Whether we choose to enter the backcountry on foot, bike or motorized vehicle, we are accepting the risk that something could break down and leave us stranded. Some breakdowns can lead to epics that are talked about for a long time, like coming out in the dark, overnighting in weird places or even requiring a helicopter ride. Blowing the track off a snowmobile in the wrong place could make for a bad time, but luckily for me it couldn’t have happened in a better spot.

Tourism Golden's picture
by Tourism Golden
Nordic Skiing at Dawn Mountain Golden BC

It doesn’t get better than Nordic skiing at Dawn Mountain

Full disclosure – I’m a novice cross-country skier. I shuffle more than glide and I always seem to be expending way more energy than should be required to move myself along the trail.

But I sure have a lot of fun doing it!

Stephanie Knaak's picture
by Stephanie Knaak
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