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The Purcellkirks - Spring Adventures

The heli and split boarding industry is an incredible place to work.

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by Dave Crerar
Photo By Brian Coles

Spring = Multi Sport Days

Spring is in the air! Well, it’s more like summer with the high 20s temps and light until 10 but that’s just Golden.

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by Brian Coles

Ski Touring: It Ain’t Over ’Til The Rockies Sing

It’s mid-April and the lifts just stopped spinning.

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by Matt Coté
Photo: Colin Wallace

Guide To Snowmobile Access Ski Touring In Golden BC

Ski touring is the ultimate way to enjoy fresh untracked snow, but available terrain is limited to access from the highway or s

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by Colin Wallace

The Newbie Sledboarding Checklist Blog

The most important things to bring while snowboarding with a snowmobile in Golden, BC

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by Colin Wallace
Photo: Abby Cooper

Safety In The Backcountry

A journey to powder through mountainous terrain complete with adventure, views, fresh air, ideally good company and finished wi

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by Abby Cooper
Touring in Golden BC - Photo: Abby Cooper

Ski Touring in Golden BC's Backyard

Gazing out the windows of the

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by Abby Cooper