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Blog: Summer Activities

Posted by Sarah Osadetz on

It’s a bluebird day in Golden and the family is getting restless, what to do? Why not take a tour of our Rotary trails? Grab your bikes or walking shoes, family, pet (if you have one) and take a cruise around our community. Cross over the Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge Away from Spirit Square and take a right to head West along the Rotary Trail. The Historic Kicking Horse River awaits you, piquing your imagination with its glacial blue waters as they gurgle by. Explore downstream along the river path, noticing the stunning views of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.

Photo: Magi Scallion | Columbia Wetlands | Golden BC
Posted by Magi Scallion on

S’up, Columbia Wetlands.

I’ve always been curious as to why SUP is the short form for stand up paddle boarding and not SUP-B. I mean it’s catchier and all, but is there any danger of somebody trying to SUP a kayak or canoe.  Maybe that’s the extreme future version of the sport.

If you’re like me and SUP’ing as a way to relax and unwind, there is no sweeter place than Columbia Wetlands Adventures (CWA).  Located just south of Golden (watch for the world’s biggest paddle) CWA has a floating dock network, the cutest boat house ever and (best of all) mapped SUP routes. 

photo Stephanie Knaak
Posted by Stephanie Knaak on

Golden is a known and treasured as an outdoor playland for both families and hardcore thrill-seekers. The breathtaking beauty of its natural surroundings – its rivers, valleys, mountains, and wetlands – practically unrivalled. But everybody also likes to get a bit of pleasure from their built environment every once in a while – here are a few fun things to do in and around Golden if you are kicking about on a summer day.

Posted by Megan Crandall on

If you are lucky enough to be young and or on vacation, summer can be the best time of the year. For those of us who have learned the harsh reality of being an adult, summer isn’t as free and easy. That’s why every now and again when the weekend comes along; I make sure to have a lazy day. It gives me a chance to toodle around and enjoy my hometown, while using as little energy as possible. My kinda day!

Posted by Colin Wallace on

The idea of camping during the week while I was working came from…….well…..why not? The idea of camping in seven different spots in seven consecutive days around Golden came from….well….why not? With a little prep it’s no hassle at all, and I tried to keep all the spots within a half hour from town, this kept me close to all of the activities and amenities in Golden.

Posted by Stephanie Knaak on

“Golden really is an international town.” This comment was made recently by a friend in the context of a conversation we were having about business opportunities. But it applies equally well to Golden as a hub for arts, culture and music.

Posted by Colin Wallace on

Mt. 7 is your one stop shop for activities in Golden; let’s list a few:

Posted by Stephanie Knaak on

Spring in Golden just may be my favourite season. The air is warm, the sun is shining, and the activities are plentiful. The spring skiing at KHMR has been glorious. Dawn Mountain Nordic centre only stopped grooming last week. Meanwhile, people have been dusting off their bikes, kayaks, hiking shoes and golf clubs. In fact, the Golden Golf Club opened just this past weekend.