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Blog: Skiing & Snowboarding

powder in Golden's backcountry photo by Dana Flahr
Posted by Dana Flahr on

It's been a strange winter for chasing snow. We can usually count on great consistent winters in BC, but this year the western side of North America has had a really tough go at keeping us snow fiends happy. It seems as though a lot of these warm fronts have been cooling down enough by the time they hit Golden to be preserving a nice bit of winter. We've been taking notice and loving the amazing snow conditions in the area. Not to mention exploring a little more in depth of a place that was only a little familiar with us before.

Posted by Stephanie Knaak on

Kicking Horse is known for many things – its title as ‘the Champagne Powder Capital of Canada’, its abundance of varied terrain, its-easy-to-get-to location, its laid back charm. Even though this winter hasn’t brought the volume of snow we’re normally used to, the conditions here are still better than most everywhere else -- in the West at least.

Skiing at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort Golden BC Canadian Rockies
Posted by Stephanie Knaak on

Our daughter was the reason we experienced our first season skiing at Kicking Horse.

She was eight at the time and the “squeaky wheel” skier of the family – which is to say she liked to complain (sometimes a lot) about skiing. Like many kids learning to ski, it wasn’t the easiest or most comfortable process for her.