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Photo: Abby Cooper

Hiking The Iceline Trail

Words and photos by Abby Cooper
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by Abby Cooper
Photo: Abby Cooper - Mummery Glacier - Golden BC

Golden Hikes: Mummery Glacier

A fresh coat of forest service road dirt thickens on the dash of my truck as I bounce through the Blaeberry.

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by Abby Cooper
Photo: Magi Scallion | Hiking | Golden BC

5 Things You NEED to Know about The Gondola to Gorman Hike.

Somehow I get into a lot of fun situations with the “great ideas” my friends toss my way.  The latest grand plan was to run fro

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by Magi Scallion
Photo: Brian Coles - Thompson Falls - Blaeberry Valley

Exploring Thompson Falls

When someone tells you about a sweet waterfall in the Rocky Mountains, what comes to mind first?

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by Brian Coles

Favorite Family Fall Hikes

I was looking through old blog posts and realized that I had yet to write a post on favourite family hikes near Golden even tho

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by Stephanie Knaak

Hiking the Historic Howse Pass

The crown jewel of lost but not completely forgotten hikes around Golden has to be the Howse Pass trail from the Columbia valle

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by Colin Wallace
Photo Sarah Osadetz

Gorman Lake – A New Adventure

In early spring, Chuck Gorton of Avalanche Safety Solutions announced that Ryan Johannsen, Gl

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by Sarah Osadetz