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Blog: Hiking & Heli-hiking

Photo: Abby Cooper
Posted by Abby Cooper on
Words and photos by Abby Cooper

Would the Iceline Trail live up to the hype? This through rang loudly in my head as I hopped in my truck destined to find out for myself. Since noting its appearance in Explorer Magazines top 25 hikes in BC I had been craving first-hand validation.

Photo: Abby Cooper - Mummery Glacier - Golden BC
Posted by Abby Cooper on

A fresh coat of forest service road dirt thickens on the dash of my truck as I bounce through the Blaeberry. Crisp air produced by the rivers roar greets two friends and I as we set up camp next to the water where the forest service road ends. Dozens of towering peaks overhead hide the sun earlier than expected and nightfall follows suit, it’s chilly for a late July night. With Mummery Glacier on tomorrow’s agenda, we dim our headlamps and nestle into our tents deep in the Blaeberry Valley.

Photo: Magi Scallion | Hiking | Golden BC
Posted by Magi Scallion on

Somehow I get into a lot of fun situations with the “great ideas” my friends toss my way.  The latest grand plan was to run from the top of the Gondola at Kicking Horse Resort to Gorman Lake.  This is a pretty signature route in Golden as a traverse of the Dogtooth Range so, needless to say, I was keen! Here are a few things I wish I knew before I strapped on the shoes for the day of adventure...

Photo: Brian Coles - Thompson Falls - Blaeberry Valley
Posted by Brian Coles on

When someone tells you about a sweet waterfall in the Rocky Mountains, what comes to mind first?

Busses? Crowds? Parking fees?

Or, worst of all… selfie sticks!?

Well, stress not my little travelling buddy. The Blaeberry Valley is where you want to be and the antithesis of tourist-havens that our amazing Parks can sometimes be. Just outside of Golden, follow the Blaeberry River as it winds up a massive valley deep into the hear of the Rocky Mountains and away from all those lame-o things you want to get away from.

Posted by Stephanie Knaak on

I was looking through old blog posts and realized that I had yet to write a post on favourite family hikes near Golden even though it’s one of our main ‘go to’ family activities – especially during the in-between seasons. So here it is, a post on some favourite ‘family-friendly’ hiking options. I’ve picked three hikes -- all close by and all relatively short (so they work well for younger kids and won’t threaten to take up the whole day).

Posted by Colin Wallace on

The crown jewel of lost but not completely forgotten hikes around Golden has to be the Howse Pass trail from the Columbia valley side, it has all the elements of an ‘epic’ adventure: hard to get to, hard to follow, and hard to find information about. In 1978, under the advice of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada the minister responsible designated the Howse Pass as one 7 mountain passes with national historic significance  The last recorded maintenance to the trail was done in 1993 and currently holds ‘abandoned trail’ status according to some online sources.

Photo Sarah Osadetz
Posted by Sarah Osadetz on

In early spring, Chuck Gorton of Avalanche Safety Solutions announced that Ryan Johannsen, Glacier Rafting, and himself would donate a canoe to Gorman Lake – equipped with two paddles and two lifejackets. Posting on Facebook, through Golden Classifieds, it went viral. Within hours, the feed had a number of shares, with over 100 + comments, spreading the word and giving kudos where kudos was deserved. For our family, the annual trek up to Gorman was going to look different this year.