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Blog: Cross-country Skiing

Posted by Magi Scallion on

Golden is a very dog-friendly town so it’s a little surprising that taking your dog for ski is not easy.  This is mostly because our primary cross country ski area, Dawn Mountain, only has a 250 m long trail that is dog-friendly.

I accidently rescued a puppy (named Moberly) in June and have been trying to figure out the best place to ski with him, as skiing is my favourite form of winter exercise.

Posted by Magi Scallion on

Just like most other sports, cross-country skiing has its own dialect of the common English language.  One of the first terms that new cross-country skiers need to navigate is loppet.

If you type loppet into any word processing program you’ll see that spell-check also has no idea that it exists.  But it does. 

Posted by Magi Scallion on

Are you looking for some good challenges to keep your ski exciting at Dawn Mountain?  There are several popular Strava segments that are worth a try, in true Nordic style.  At the risk of losing all of my records, here are my recommendations for a lung-busting good time.

Posted by Magi Scallion on

It’s Big – most people don’t even realize there is truly great cross-country skiing in Golden, BC.  Or maybe they are so focused on the legendary alpine skiing that it does not even cross their mind as something to consider.  Therefor, it is kind of a surprise that Golden has one of the largest cross country ski clubs in BC with more than 600 members and 33 km of groomed trail.

Nordic Skiing at Dawn Mountain Golden BC
Posted by Stephanie Knaak on

Full disclosure – I’m a novice cross-country skier. I shuffle more than glide and I always seem to be expending way more energy than should be required to move myself along the trail.

But I sure have a lot of fun doing it!


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