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Parking in Kicking Horse Canyon

Almost the entire Kicking Horse Canyon was designated as avalanche area, there is a no stopping zone and that means no parking as well. The no stopping zone is designated by signs. The former chain up area, just up on the hill, west of Yoho bridge is also in an avalanche zone and was terminated as a chain up area. If you are parking anywhere in that avalanche zone you may be ticketed by the RCMP.

If you decide to climb in the area (using drop off and pick up system) choose your day carefully so that you are climbing when there is no avalanche hazard. Remember that many Kicking Horse Canyon ice climbs or approaches are in avalanche path themselves.

There will not be any cars to indicate that there are climbers in the area (which was the case in the past), and avalanche workers will have no way to warn you before they proceed with their work or conduct avalanche control actions.

If we are able to come as one big voice and that voice is significant we might be able to find some solutions for future ice climbing in the Canyon. So please e-mail us your opinions, suggestions and concerns here: [email protected]

Kicking Horse Canyon