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River Fishing Spots

Columbia River

The Columbia river is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest region of North America and flows through Golden. It is an excellent fishery that offers fishing for multiple numbers of species.  

There are plenty of fantastic fishing spots along this vast river from Parson to Kinbasket Lake to set up your tackle.

The Columbia river includes a vast selection of rivers and streams as its tributaries.

Species include Rainbow Trout, Walleye, Bass and Whitefish. There is also a healthy number of White Sturgeon in the river as well.

Beaver River

The Beaver river is also known as the Beavermouth Creek or Beaver Creek and is a tributary of the Columbia River. It enters the Columbia River via Kinbasket Lake, which is located 50 km west of Golden via the TransCanada Highway 1. The river flows south into Glacier National Park.

Species include Rainbow Trout.

Spillimacheen River

Originates east of Glacier National Park and collects the waters of several tributaries, including Baird Branch, McMurda creek, and its main tributary, Bobbie Burns creek, before emptying into the Columbia river near the community of Spillimacheen. The river descends over 1,800 metres (5,900 ft) over 80 kilometres.

Species include Rainbow Trout.

Blaeberry River

The Blaeberry river is a tributary of the Columbia River and rises in the Canadian Rockies on the south side of Howse Pass and joins the Columbia midway between the town of Golden the east section of Rogers Pass, at the head of Kinbasket Lake and the mouth of the Beaver river. Its length is about 60 kilometres.

Species include Kokanne and Rainbow Trout.