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Posted by Magi Scallion on

It ain’t no secret that there’s a new trail in Golden.  The Schacher Trail has been more than four years and half a million dollars in the making and it’s finally complete.

Mt 7 has been a destination for extreme adventure seekers for decades in Golden. Pilots launch their hang gliders and paragliders from four different launch sites on the mountainside and downhill mountain bikers also launch themselves down the mountain on a network of trails made famous by the Psychosis DH race. 

It has not offered much for those of weak courage or strong hearts until now.  

Photo By Brian Coles
Posted by Brian Coles on

Spring is in the air! Well, it’s more like summer with the high 20s temps and light until 10 but that’s just Golden. We do everything to the max. Spring usually starts rearing its sun-bleached head late March and by early May the only thing telling you it’s not August is the snow-capped mountains in the distance. Yes, a fresh start. Comfortable temps, blue skies, no bugs. What to do? Everything. The answer is do everything.

Photo: Brian Coles - Mountain Biking - Golden BC
Posted by Brian Coles on

A weekend is fast approaching and all you know is that Golden, BC is a mountain biking mecca and you want to be there. What are the networks? Where do you bike? Where is the best food? Worry not, fellow mountain biker, I’ll show you the way.

Posted by Shane Kroeger on

With the first powder turns of the year made this week, I can’t help to wonder if the bike season in Golden is truly over.  Only in the last few days has the transition from fall to winter started to happen.  While the snowpack in the alpine has started to provide some excellent skiing, the trails in the valley remained in great shape.  Spring and Fall are my two favourite seasons around here when I can ski, bike, and kayak all in the same day.

Posted by Shane Kroeger on

This last week, I shifted gears back to Enduro racing, with the BC Enduro Series coming back to Golden.   A week of heavy rain made for challenging conditions to get out and pre ride the stages.   An epic day of racing was planned with the classic alpine ride from T4 down LSD to Canyon Creek.  Unfortunately, the rain never let up, and the alternative racecourse had to be used to preserve the sensitive trails on the original route.    Despite the change in plans, it was still a great day of racing up at the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.  I was happy with my

Shane Kroeger, Singletrack 6
Posted by Shane Kroeger on

At the end of my first Single Track 6, two years ago, I swore that I would train differently for the next time.  I would start earlier, spend more time on the road bike, do more winter spinning, eat less bacon, drink less beer.   But, of course life gets in the way and bacon remains irresistible.  Ski season this year didn’t end for me until the end of May, so I find myself cramming in the training once again.

Posted by Shane Kroeger on

Our athlete ambassador Shane Kroeger is back to compete in Singletrack 6 again this year.  He will be writing a series of blogs about the preparation needed to race this multiday, cross-country event in Golden and the East Kootenays.

Fat biking in Golden BC- Andy Bostock
Posted by Andy Bostock on

Winter is usually a time to switch gears and participate in winter sports and put the mountain bikes away for a rest, but this season with unenthusiastic snow conditions and mild temp I figured it was time to try out fat biking.