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Lisa Roddick: Kicking Horse’s Adventure Kickstarter

Published by Mountain Life Media on November 13, 2017

Momentum is the lifeblood of a resort—not snow, good press, or lift capacity, or even après—but the force that makes arcing into a turn the most exhilarating sensation your body can chase. The current that pulls people from modest little towns and traffic churning cities to unload their cares at the foot of a Canadian ski town and to catch a whiff of the expectations that lies ahead. The invisible energy that makes resort towns more than their best runs and brightest  rippers, big claims and vital statistics.

This small handful of unsung and inarguably rad individuals are just a few of the people among us who have insisted with their passion and positive energy that the mountains be a place in which they can contribute meaningfully—knees deep, elbows deep, in the thick of it. Their actions give us all permission to shape the contours of our days, with snow and stoke, and a healthy dose of exhilaration.

This is Part 1 of a 5 Part series dedicated to women making a lasting imprint on mountain culture in Canada.

Lisa Roddick: Kicking Horse’s Adventure Kickstarter

All is quiet at noon on Thursday at the Eagle Bump hut on Kicking Horse Mountain, where Lisa Roddick is on mountain safety dispatch, available to guide any late summer via ferrata tours that come her way.

A ski patroller since she moved to Kicking Horse seven years ago, Roddick is happy to spend her summer taking the lead as a guide for the via ferrata – she’s trying to minimize her time in the Kicking Horse bike park. “My love in the summer is whitewater kayaking and I’m trying to save my body for that.”

That body has 33 seasons of adventures under its belt, including a decade as a river and rafting guide. After school, she contemplated taking a degree in theatre, but zagged, instead of zigging, into a two-year college diploma in Outdoor Adventure instead.

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