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Yoho National Park

The park was established in 1886. Its history is bound up with a railroad: spiral tunnels inside mountains and stories of runaway trains.
The park has many waterfalls including Laughing Falls, Twin Falls, Wapta Falls and one of Canada's highest at 254 m (833 ft.), Takakkaw Falls. Silt carried by streams from melting glaciers is responsible for the deep and rich turquoise colour of Emerald Lake and Lake O'Hara.
One of the world's most important fossil finds, the Burgess Shale, is located here. Designated a World Heritage Site in 1981, the Burgess Shale Formation contains the fossilized remains of more than 120 marine animal species dating back 515 million years.
The Park has 28 mountain peaks more than 3000 m in height and over 400 km of hiking trails.

Yoho National Park Fast Facts

  • 400 km of hiking trails
  • In 1909 Charles Doolittle Walcott discovered one of the most important fossil locations in the world - the Burgess Shale
  • Takakkaw Waterfall is the third highest waterfall in western Canada, towering 384 metres (1,260 feet)
  • Wapta Falls is the largest waterfall on the Kicking Horse River and is 30 metres (98 feet) high and 150 metres (490 feet) wide
  • Lake O’Hara is one of the most spectacular places in Canada and can only be accessed by foot or by taking the Parks Canada bus
  • 28 mountain peaks more than 3000 metres in height
  • Emerald Lake is the largest lake in Yoho National Park
  • 61 lakes and ponds

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60 km east of Golden
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TripAdvisor® Traveler Reviews
5.0 based on 307 reviews
“A stunning park, but mainly a summer destination”
A stunning park, but mainly a summer destination
May 02, 2017, by BenLar137
In the winter, there are the stunning Emerald Lake and Lake O'Hara areas, but only Emerald has easy access. But in the summer, you have a great choice of hiking opportunities, and the wonderful Yoho...
“Amazing experience must see if you are in the area”
Amazing experience must see if you are in the area
April 19, 2017, by IamVagabondDotCom
Banff and Jasper are definitely great attractions but if you have some time at hand Yoho is a great place to see. Nature's beauty is all around in this part of the world. In Yoho stop by the natural...
“My favourite of the National Parks”
My favourite of the National Parks
March 13, 2017, by Skislikeagirl
The smallest of the four Rocky Mountain National Parks, but it packs the biggest punch. The mountains, the glaciers, the waterfalls, the lakes...all in such a concentrated area. Not to be missed...